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Author journals highlight slices of Janalyn Voigt’s writing life.

Author Journal: Nipping Procrastination

I’ll admit it: I’ve procrastinated on drawing the rough maps of Elderland from which artist Anna O’Brien will create real maps for inclusion in DawnSinger, which releases this fall. I found it easier to consult maps filed away in my imagination while writing DawnSinger. Unfortunately, now that others want to see those maps, I have to put them down on paper.

In this case, I know my motives for procrastination, and they aren’t good.

Author Journal: Lost in a Crowd?

My mother served a healthy portion of Southern manners alongside helpings of black-eyed peas, hominy and cornbread. I learned to put others before myself, to give up the best, to step aside and go last. Factored into this training was the fact that shyness plagued me. You might not guess it now, but as a child I was embarrassed even to breathe.

Given my upbringing, it’s not surprising…

Author Journal: Avoiding Burn-Out

Ever since I tried to plan the entire next year of Girl Scouts in June, I’ve understood my tendency to look further ahead than the average person finds comfortable. Anyone who’s organized a family reunion way in advance (guilty here) knows that people just don’t want to think that far ahead. Upon reflection, they may have a point.

With a shiny new year gleaming like a child with newly-washed ears…

Author Journal: Refueling

When a plane prepares to land, there’s always that moment where the engines quiet and the forward momentum slows. The landing wheels come down and, at just the right moment, the back engines roar. A landing can be smooth or bumpy, depending on general conditions and how well the pilot prepares.

I’m about to bring my own “plane” in for refueling. In the past year I’ve…