Author Journal: Listen

memo padWhen I posted that I needed to refuel and planned to take some down time, a friend commented that my doing so would give her a chance to catch up on my posts. It never occurred to me that someone would want to read every word I write. I’m touched. I can only hope to be worthy of such a commitment of another’s time.

The comment took me aback, since I didn’t plan to take time off from blogging. I at first rejected the idea, but it grew in appeal. Why not take an annual rest during the Holiday Season when few people have time to read blogs anyway? Starting on Monday, the 20th, I’ll take a two-week sabbatical from blogging.

Sound advice can come in unexpected ways.

Note to Self: Don’t forget to listen.

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Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

As an author I love to escape with readers into creative worlds of fiction in three genres: medieval epic fantasy, historical fiction, and romantic mystery. My aim is to make this website an immersive experience for readers. Care to join us?

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