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book two of the epic fantasy trilogy, Tales of Faeraven

An untried youth assumes his duties as High King. But as trouble stirs between nations and rebellion threatens Faeraven, his position is far from secure. Can Elcon trust that the Elder youth accompanying Kai is the DawnKing, sent by the High One to deliver his people?

Or has something gone horribly wrong?

Driven to prove himself, Elcon embarks on a peace-keeping campaign into the Elder lands, where he meets a beautiful Elder princess. But Aewen is betrothed to another, and Elcon has promised to court the princess, Arillia, upon his return. Declaring his love for Aewen would shame them both and tear apart the very fabric of Faeraven.

Elcon’s choices lead him into the Vale of Shadows, where he learns that to deliver his people, he must humble himself before the one person he banished.

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Some Reviews of Wayfarer

Author Tracy KraussIn Wayfarer, book two in Janalyn Voigt’s Tales of Faeraven, Elderland is on the brink of civil war and Elcon, the young ruler, must try to rally support against the forces of the evil traitor, Freaer. Against the advice of trusted guardians, including Kai, he rejects an alliance with Emmerich, the ‘DawnKing’ of prophecy freed in the first book in this series. In the midst of it all, he finds love in the form of the beautiful foreign princess Aewen. A union between them pushes many of his allies away, however, bringing the possibility of war even closer. Through much sorrow and triumph, Elcon learns about the true meaning of forgiveness and grace. The author writes in a truly lyrical and lovely style, weaving ancient folklore and mystic traditions quite seamlessly into the saga that unfolds. This is epic fantasy at its finest. The Tales of Faeraven deserve a place alongside Tolkien and Lewis in any library

Tracy Krauss

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… and stirs chaos in relationships and for his people. Love the winged beasts and soul touching. Intrigued with the fortunes and fates of Elcon and Kai, Aewen, Shae, and Arillia. Their lives are full of surprise and adventure, mystery and romance in this second book of Janalyn Voigt’s fantasy series. Look forward to Book 3. So wanting to know how it turns out for each of them.

Janet Chester Bly

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Author Jennifer HallmarkWayFarer by Janalyn Voigt is a story of self-will, self-sufficiency and failure. Forgiveness and humility are what is needed, but will Elcon see it? The book was life-changing to me as it brought me to a place of prayer over issues in my own life. Thank you, Janalyn, for a great read.

Jennifer Hallmark

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First Paragraphs of Wayfarer

An indrawn breath alerted Kai. Unsheathing his sword, he peered into the shadows beneath a weilo tree’s curling tresses.

Nothing stirred.

“Show yourself!” His challenge rang through the vale.

No response.

He stepped closer.

Kai. His name sighed in a sudden wind that ruffled the waters of the weild. Morning mists eddied above the river, but the leafy canopy over his head remained still and silent.

Impossible! And yet he knew that voice. “Shae?” With his heart beating in his throat, he pressed forward.

Beneath the weilo a many-hued light shimmered, swirled, and took shape. Shae stood before him, her eyes closed as if in prayer. Her unbound hair cascaded in burnished curls to her waist. Beneath her scarlet cloak, she clutched something at the end of the fine chain encircling her neck. The glint of silverstone between her fingers told him she wore his locket. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Kai.”

But he backed away. “Are you some dryad come to enchant me?”

“Please.” She held out her hands imploringly. “Stay.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“You have nothing to fear. It’s me—Shae.”

He shook his head. “I saw you vanish from this world. Do you return by another gateway than Gilead Riann?”

“Gilead Riann is the only Gate of Life, but there are soft places like this one where I can look into Elderland, if only for a time. When I saw you near, I called to you over and over.”

Even as a spark of hope flared, he hesitated. “I heard your voice once only, borne on the wind.”

She clasped her arms about herself and smiled, although tears glistened in her eyes. “And yet you answered my call.”

“I love you, Shae.”

“No. Release yourself.” Her voice broke on the whispered words.

The longing to take her into his arms left him weak. “You ask more than I can give.”

“I can’t bear to see you suffer.”

“Then you must not look.”

Shae’s image shimmered like a reflection in wind-stirred waters. “I release you.”

“Wait!” As he rushed toward her, she dissolved into glimmering light that melted into shadow…

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