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Author Journal: Nipping Procrastination

Author Journal

I’ll admit it: I’ve procrastinated on drawing rough maps from which artist Anna O’Brien will create real maps of Elderland for inclusion in DawnSinger, which releases this fall. As I wrote DawnSinger, I found it easier to consult maps filed away in my imagination. Unfortunately, now that others want to see those maps, I have to put them down on paper.

In this case, I know my motives for procrastination, and they aren’t good. While I can draw animals just fine, maps defeat me. To make matters worse, Elderland has evolved into a complex world. In a word, the task intimidates me. And yes, I’m not unaware that it’s ludicrous to be intimidated by my own fantasy world.

The trouble is, whenever I put something like this off, it grows in proportion to the time that elapses. The longer I wait to climb a mountain, the steeper it seems. Fear of a thing is usually much bigger than the reality. Realizing this, I recently took the bull by the horns, met the road with the rubber, and fished rather than cut bait.  I finished a rough draft of the Elderland map and contacted Anna and my editor at Port Yonder Press about getting started.

Next week, I’ll finish the map and send it on its way to more capable hands. Meanwhile, that mountain has turned back into a mole hill.

Note to Self: Whatever it is that holds you back, just do it.
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