Virtual Travel Video: Grand Canyon

Relaxation Video: Grand Canyon Idyll

This is the first relaxation video inspired by my recent experience of Gregorian Chant. I’ve been focusing since then on incorporating more relaxation into my life, especially right before bed time. Combining relaxation with a better diet means that I’ve been sleeping better.  That’s a huge statement for a writer with deadlines.

By making this video, I hope to give you a brief rest from the chaos of life. I suggest you watch the video once for the experience, and then again as you read the image descriptions, below.

Image Descriptions

  1. The first image is the trail to Bright Angel Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. What you don’t see in this image is the perilous drop beside the path.
  2. Light and shadow blended with soft color on the Grand Canyon’s north rim.  It was morning when I took this shot.
  3. The sunlit ledge on the left gives a perspective of the sheer size of the grand canyon. A small crowd of people could have fit on that ledge.
  4. More soft colors unfold, layer upon layer.
  5. The nearer cliffs show up in this image, but the canyons behind them are hazed by distance.
  6. This shot is from the south rim of the Grand Canyon, with the Colorado River a bright ribbon below verdant cliffs.
  7. The Colorado River winds snake-like through the canyons.
  8. I believe this shot is from the north rim, going by the muted colors that match my other north rim images.
  9. Green cliffs with a shining stretch of river beyond.
  10. If you look closely, you’ll see the crazy-person’s trail zigzagging down a perpendicular cliff. The camera couldn’t capture the deep drop below the cliff. This was on the south rim.
  11. Foliage frames a canyon view.
  12. Striations tell a story of erosion.
  13. If you look closely, you’ll see that this moose is chewing a mouthful of lunch. This creature was cautious, but not afraid of people.
  14. The moose belonged to a herd that moved past the people trail, oblivious of the clicking of cameras.
  15. Natural rock gardens were everywhere, placed by the hand of God.
  16. Succulants eke out an existence on the south rim. The weather is stunningly hot in the summer, and I’m certain it must rain torrents in the winter. It takes hardy vegetation to survive in such conditions.

About this Relaxation Video

I captured these images while on an epic road trip that took me through eight western states. If you’d like to read the travel journals I wrote during that trip, you’ll find them at my Literary Wayfarer Travel website.  I’ll blog about travel a bit for A Simple Life and will sometimes also link to articles at my Literary Wayfarer Travel site, if they seem like something you would enjoy.

I’ve started a Videos tab at my website, and you are welcome to return whenever you’d like to grab a moment’s peace. I’ll be adding a new video every month, featuring my own photographs set to soothing music.

©2014 by Janalyn Voigt

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