Herb Wreath Accents

Make a Culinary Herb Wreath

Making an herb wreath is a fun way to dry culinary herbs. You can either leave the wreath up all winter and pluck leaves here and there for your recipes or after the leaves dry, remove them to airtight containers that you store in a dark cupboard. The second method better protects the flavors, and provided the leaves dry quickly, you can make several wreaths before winter hits.

How to Make a Culinary Herb Wreath

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

Wreath Making supplies
Here’s my grapevine wreath form and some of the herbs I used. I had to go back outside for more sage and the oregano heads.

Wreath Form

Start by gathering your supplies. A straw or grapevine wreath form looks best with herbs, and both hold stems without the need for glue.


Whatever culinary herbs you have growing in the yard will go fine in your wreath. Gather these before you start, and remember its better to cut the stems a little long. You can always trim off any excess as you make the wreath. For safety reasons, I don’t include non-culinary herbs on a culinary wreath, even as accents.

If you don’t have culinary herbs growing in your yard, you can still make this wreath with herbs purchased from the grocery store or a farmers market. Herbs that make good bases are sage, rosemary, oregano heads, bay leaves, Herbs that are good as accents include rosemary, rose hips, thyme, and oregano heads. The herbs you actually use in cooking are the ones that should go into the wreath.


I chose to leave my wreath unadorned, but you might want to add ribbons, beads, craft birds, and many other decorations could be added to beautify the wreath. If you intend to use the herbs in the wreath for cooking, you’ll want to bear that in mind when choosing ornaments. For instance, look for craft birds with wires on their feet so you can tie, rather than glue, them on.

Step Two: Add The Base Layer

Herb Base for Wreath
You can cover the whole form or leave part of the grapevine showing.

As you can see in this image, I just tucked my base layer of sage into the grapevine wreath form. Keeping the leaves pointing in one direction, work all the way around the form. Make the base layer nice and full, but don’t overcrowd the leaves since your aim is to dry them.

Step Three: Add the accents

Herb Wreath Accents
There’s nothing lovelier than the smell of lavendar and sage.

I gathered small bunches of lavendar and snipped the ends even, then threaded them into the form beneath the sage. I find that if the ends bend, it helps to snip them a little shorter. I also added oregano heads as an accent.

Step Four: Add Ornaments, if Desired

Gently wind ribbon or beads around the wreath, add craft birds and the like,

Step Five: Hang and Admire Your New Wreath

Herb Wreath by @JanalynVoigt Escape into a Simple Life
This lovely fresh herb wreath now greets all who enter my home with the scents of sage, lavender, and oregano.

You can either use an over door wreath holder or a loop of string or ribbon to hang your wreath. Standing back and admiring your wreath is so fulfilling. And from now on, that beautiful scent will fill your home.

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Do you have any tips on making culinary herb wreaths? Which herbs do you like to cook with?

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