My Epiphany Moment by Janalyn Voigt

My Epiphany Moment

This month I had something of an identity crisis that’s actually helping me refine my goals.

My agent has shopped around my proposal for a western romance series for a while now. We’ve received interest but no cigar. At this point we’re evaluating which direction to take my traditional writing career.  I would like to write historical fiction, however the market for inspirational historical fiction is said to be softening. My agent tells me that western romance is a niche market, so it’s harder to break into. None of this bodes well for my western historical romance series finding a home anytime soon. I’ll still go on my research trip, but it may well be for a book I won’t write for a few years.

Meanwhile, the market for romantic suspense, another of the genres I’m interested in, is warming. I had an epiphany moment recently when I realized that if I could only write in one genre for the rest of my life, it would be romantic suspense in the mode of Mary Stewart. There are many reasons Mary is my favorite author, but the largest one is that Mary’s stories contain the same elements mine do: adventure, romance, suspense, history, and fantasy or whimsy. I’m still giving this a lot of thought and prayer, but this may be the direction I take my traditional career.

I intend to be a hybrid author, so I also have an indie publishing career ahead of me. I had thought I would take my fantasy novels that route, since fantasy is a hard sell in Christian publishing. However, as you may know, DawnSinger, book one of my allegorical fantasy trilogy, Tales of Faeraven, released in 2012 with Pelican Book Group. It will be followed this January by book two, WayFarer. I’m currently writing DawnKing, book three in the trilogy.

My reasons for wanting a hybrid career are many. I can’t deny that receiving a monthly paycheck appeals to me, and having a greater share in the royalties is a nice benefit. But it’s more than that. I want the creative satisfaction of publishing some of my own novels. I enjoy new challenges and am looking forward to what this will teach me. I love the traditional model and still feel pulled that direction, as well. The good news is that in today’s publishing climate I can have both a traditional and indie career.

I’ll dip my toe in the self-publishing waters with a fantasy novella that I hope to release November 1st, so look for that announcement in next month’s newsletter.

DawnSinger (Tales of Faeraven 1)

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