The Red Plaid Christmas Stocking @JanalynVoigt

The Red Plaid Christmas Stocking

This post published in December 2012 on Fay Lamb’s On The Ledge blog, but it’s message is timeless.

I expected little in the way of Christmas cheer. As a single mom struggling to finish college, the holidays were just one more thing to endure. I had just five dollars to spend on a Christmas gift for my daughter, but I was determined that we would have beautiful Christmas stockings. Day after day I labored, cutting up some red-and-blue plaid wool that I’d been saving for just the right project and stitching the stockings by hand. Across the tops, I added white fringe, and then crocheted loops for the tops. I made the stockings a little small so they wouldn’t seem sparse when filled with the few items I could afford. Christmas would be hard, but we’d get by.

My roommate volunteered to cook Christmas dinner for all of us, which was truly a blessing. On Christmas Eve my daughter and I were treated to a gourmet dinner. My roommate didn’t attend church but surprised me by suggesting we find a Christmas Eve service. I’d fallen away from going to church when my personal life fell apart, but the idea ignited a spark within me.  Read more at Fay Lamb’s On The Ledge.
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