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How a Teardrop Trailer Led Lynn Donovan Into Becoming a Published Author

From Janalyn: I’ve known Lynn Donovan for a while now and have enjoyed watching her find her feet as a writer. In her guest journal, she describes her writing journey.

Speculative Author Lynn Donovan

A Teardrop Trailer Led to My Becoming a Published Author by Lynn Donovan

The best part of being a writer is I finally have justification for the constant stream of conversation going on in my head. Now I have an outlet in which to put that stream of dialog. Plus, daydreaming is now a useful tool rather than a waste of time. See, it’s all a matter of perspective.

Teardrop TrailerAnd it all started with a teardrop trailer, a really small camper. How it lead to me being a published author is amazing. My husband and I worked for a GMC dealership. One day, he googled for Chrysler parts and opened a web site about these campers (yeah, I know, go figure). He stopped me as I walked by and asked what I thought about them. I told him I’d love to have one. He discovered a discussion forum consisting of people who built their own and plans for a self-build. We started building our own and talking to these wonderful and inviting people.

In the meantime, my mother began showing signs of dementia and needed to come live with us. This kept me home but left me with a lot of time on my hands. So I began writing. My second manuscript, The Wishing Well Curse, was rough and poorly written.

The Wishing Well Curse by Lynn DonovanOn this forum, a published author, Lynn Coleman, and I discussed my desires to write. She suggested I join American Christian Fiction Writers, an online organization that supports and promotes Christian writers. I did and downloaded some resources to help me write better, among which were several publications by Jeff Gerke. I googled Jeff Gerke and found he had a discussion forum, Where the Map Ends. I joined it and started talking to other writers. I mentioned I had The Wishing Well Curse manuscript and would like help making it better. Kessie Carrol, a member of the forum, invited me to join a critique group offshoot from the forum. I did and they happily tore my manuscript apart. But I learned SO much from their critiques. Over the next six months I worked on improving my writing.

The Clockwork DragonA member of the critique group, Pauline Creeden, was starting a small publishing company, AltWit Press. She invited the group to submit short stories relating to a clockwork dragon possessed by legions. I did and she accepted 4.5 stories from me. The Clockwork Dragon was published October 2012. Later, she asked if I had a complete manuscript I’d like to submit, and I said yes. She reviewed The Wishing Well Curse and accepted it. It released in April 2013. The sequel, Thorns of Betrayal will release in February 2014. I have two contracts with Astraea Press for two more books, Rocking Horse Shadows and Christmas Grace.

Thorns of Betrayal by Lynn Donovan

So, that’s the writing life for me. It has been an amazing procession of events and I am very happy and thankful to God for where I am in my life.

About Lynn Donovan

Lynn Donovan is a daughter, wife, mother of four, and grandmother of eight who has five decades of experiences to draw from when creating her stories. She has published a collection of Short Stories, The Clockwork Dragon, and two Novels with AltWitPress. She categorizes herself as the “sandwich generation” because she is caring for her mother who has Alzheimer’s and her special needs sister. Lynn enjoys reading and writing Christian fiction.

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Janalyn:  Lynn, just so you know, I’m completely jealous of that teardrop trailer! Do you still have it? I also have another question: Can you explain what happened to the other half of one of the 4.5 manuscripts Alt Wit Press accepted? 

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6 thoughts on “How a Teardrop Trailer Led Lynn Donovan Into Becoming a Published Author”

  1. ML Donovan

    LOL Thank you Janalyn for inviting me here today. Yes we still have our teardrop and we love to go camping in it. We try to go at least twice a summer. If we could, we’d go every weekend! I can explain the .5 story! It was a collaboration with J. L. Mbewe, titled Bloody Fairy. I can only claim half since we wrote it together. Thank you again for having me here today. I love you stories and I cannot wait to read what happens next in Faeraven!

  2. I’m glad to hear you make good use of that trailer, Lynn. Thanks for gracing my site.

    Sheila, thanks for commenting. It’s fun to look back and see God’s fingerprints in your life.

  3. Isn’t it fun to see how things work out and what seems coincidental is really a touch from the hand of God to orchestrate your purpose. I am curious if Lynn does her writing in the tear drop trailer.

    I was involved in the care of my mom who suffered with dementia while also caring for my special needs son. I will pray for grace and strength in Lynn’s journey.

    It is nice to meet Lynn here through one of my favorites – Janalyn.

    I am half way through my first fiction writing class. I love what I am learning! It will help in co-writing the next book with my son, Gabe Murfitt. Plus, I have a story to tell and fiction will tell it best.

    Bless you, Janalyn and Lynn as you continue in God’s call on your life.

    Gigi Murfitt

    1. Thank you GiGi. Yes I was camping one time when it began to rain. Our dog, Charlie, is afraid of storms. So he and crawled into the teardrop and I pulled out my computer to work on a story. Thank you for your prayers and your kind words may your fiction writing be blessed.

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