Author Journal: Beware the Author-zilla

Promoting a book is a lot like planning a wedding. It takes patience and time. If you try to rush right in at the last minute and make things happen, the odds are you’ll end up with a mess. It’s best to set a budget and specific, attainable goals well in advance. To actually achieve them, you have to work away at your goals, bit by bit. Even then, you have no guarantee things will go as planned.

Author Journal: Opportunity Costs

This week I passed up two opportunities to strengthen friendships. I must not become so busy I forget to love others. Those opportunities will never come again in the same way. I told myself I’ll find other chances to visit with my friends, but, when I stop to think about it, I have no certainty of that.
Life is but a vapor. Why do I forget to remember that in the daily grind of life?

Author Journal: Surviving Transition

A “new disease.” That’s the term vocal students in my college attached to a particular, and distressing, affliction we all suffered at one time or another. It happened whenever one of our voice teachers added a new technique to the already-long list of “Things to Think About While Singing.” It seemed that concentrating on posture, support, breath control, placement, pitch, duration, dynamics, phrasing, tempo and oh yes — the words to sing — was not enough. It also became necessary to regulate emotion. Too much and we risked ruining the pitch. Too little and we came across as automatons — brilliant but lifeless.

Author Journal: What Does It Take to Succeed?

I know a writer who signed contracts for 13 books in one year and another who sold 11. Of course, these writers didn’t write all those books in a year. No. With no promise of reward and despite rejection, each of them trudged through years of effort to produce one manuscript after another. As a result, the reward for their diligence arrived in multiples.

Whether you aspire to publication or not, the principle is the same.

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