Dreams and Practicalities

Dreams and Practicalities

Having big dreams brings stress, almost by definition in the borderland between what you have and what you want. After my husband and I agreed to the lifestyle change described in last month’s “New Literary Adventures” journal entry, reality set in. Yes, we still plan to live part time in foreign countries. That sounds lovely, but the preparations we must make over the next several years don’t always. 

I’ve walked this road before, having traveled and lived overseas for several years. In the time leading up to our lifestyle change, we’ll pare our belongings and relocate our home. That alone sounds intimidating without adding in things like paperwork, shots, and insurance. And then there’s the task of finding a place to stay in our first (yet-to-be-finalized) location, booking passage, and accomplishing matters of survival (like food and transportation) in a way that won’t break the bank.  There are costs to everything worth having. 

Dreaming is important, just so long as it doesn’t rob your appreciation for the life you already live. I remind myself to embrace this interim period for it is a chapter in my life that will never come again. Wishing it away would prevent me from seeing its charms. I can chafe with impatience to have everything in place or savor my anticipation at the coming changes. Decluttering and moving can seem a curse or a blessing. Applying for a passport becomes a trial or the key to adventure.  Much depends on my mindset.

We choose the life we live in so many ways.

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Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

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