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August 2014 Edition

Do you have a dangerous road story? I wonder what stories travelors on the 7 riskiest roads in the world can tell. At my Literary Wayfarer Travel site I recount a close call that happened on a road to Yosemite.

Despite the dangers, road trips are still my preferred method of travel. There’s nothing quite like the sense of adventure that comes over you when you buckle your seatbelt and nose the car toward the open road. Anything can happen along the way, and your mettle is certain to be tested. I explain my passion for road trips and the movie, Cars, at Literary Wayfarer Travel.

Recent Travels

This month I traveled with my family to California during triple-digit weather. We survived the heat and even had fun. The Hotel del Rogue in Grants Pass was a charming overnight stop. I caught the above photograph from our balcony. Can you feel the serenity of the setting?

Future Travels

I’ll be going on a research trip to Orcas Island in the San Juan Island archepelago for Deceptive Tide, a romantic suspense novel I’m writing. Here’s a video that shows many of my locations, including Moran Mansion, Mount Constitution, and Moran State Park.

Author News

I discovered this month that what I was calling romantic suspense is actually, according to my agent, classic mystery. Apparently that’s what I write. Self-discovery can be so interesting. My agent fell in love with a different character than my heroine did, which meant that I rewrote my sample chapters to change leading men. But when I read scenes from my book to my writing retreat group, hands down they preferred my original leading man. So-oo I emailed my agent and mentioned that I thought we should go with my original plan. I should be finished revising my sample chapters by next week.

After that I’ll be working on completing DawnKing, book three of my epic fantasy trilogy, Tales of Faeraven.

What I’m Reading

Forays into fiction have taken a backseat to living life this month, but I’ll move back into a reading schedule again soon.

Home and Hearth

It’s nice to be home after so much time away this month. I’ll be glad when all the laundry and emails are caught up.

Thanks for reading, and please do let me know what’s new in your world.
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