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Adding magic to life

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. ā€“ Arthur C. Clarke

I don’t consider myself technically advanced, but I can find my way around most problems that crop up at my website. Often, my solution is to simplify, as I did recently when I the password requirement to access the book extras features at my site, was complicating life for both my subscribers and myself.

I removed the password and adopted the honor system, instead.

At my website for writers, I use this system and find that most people respect my wishes. Even if they didn’t, I’d rather trust people and be wrong than not trust them and be right.

Adding magic to life

Another way I’m simplifying is by automating many of the routine things I have to do in an online world. The nice thing about adding ‘magic’ to life with technology is that you don’t have to be an expert anymore. However, you may have to pay some of them. Using technology prevents me from hiring a virtual assistant at a higher cost, and I consider the savings in time well worth the expense.

These are some things I’m either already using, implementing, or considering using.

  • updating my social media whenever I post something new for public consumption, using the SNAP plugin.
  • sending out social media updates on an automated schedule, using Hootsuite.
  • scheduling reoccurring email reminders for myself with Google Calendar.
  • sending out newsletters and email updates to subscribers with automatic RSS feed campaigns in Mailchimp.
  • Using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice-to-text software rather than manually typing first drafts of my manuscripts.
  • Implementing Scrivener to format and publish my independent books.

Adding magic to life takes many forms, as I’m learning.

What Iā€™m Writing Now

Book Projects

Western Historical Fiction

I’m reading original research sources as I prepare to write Hills of Nevermore (Montana Gold, book 1)

I’ve received no word yet on my proposal to write a novella for a collection.

Medieval Epic Fantasy

Finally, I can announce that Sojourner, Tales of Faeraven 3 is off my desk and in the hands of my publisher. After hitting send earlier this week, I gave myself the evening off as a reward.

Romantic Suspense

I had to sideline Deceptive Tide last week due to a return of my ongoing illness, but I’m recovering and expect to move back into it soon. I received the voice-to-text software I ordered and will familiarize myself with it over the weekend so I can start in right away on Monday.


The jury is still out on how much I’ll complete for Speedbo, the book-in-a-month competition I entered. Based on my original goal, I probably won’t win, but I’ll be grateful to place.

Creative Worlds of Janalyn Voigt

I removed the password requirement to access Fantasy Worlds, Historical Worlds, and Mysterious Worlds and am using the honor system instead.


For Live Write Breathe, my website for writers, I began a new series on creativity killers with 5 Common Writing Fears and How to Overcome Them, and I released Readership Challenge #8 for subscribers.

Adding magic to life by @JanalynVoigt | Creative Worlds

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As an author I love to escape with readers into creative worlds of fiction in three genres: medieval epic fantasy, historical fiction, and romantic mystery. My aim is to make this website an immersive experience for readers. Care to join us?

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