A MidSummer's Dream

A Midsummer’s Dream

I’ve had a tough time this summer keeping on track with my writing goals. There’s just something about balmy breezes, the laughter of children, and flowers blooming in the garden designed to distract me. This is prime time for daydreaming.

I’ll be able to reflect upon and revise my goals during the summer Live Write Breathe Writing Retreat, when a small group of writers sneaks off to write together. This is a midsummer’s dream for me, and I can’t wait to get away. We’ll be staying in a private home that has been graciously provided to us by the owners. What a blessing!

I’m now posting my book news as video updates to my Creative Worlds sites. You’ll find links in this newsletter. This month you’ll find a video waiting at my Fantasy Worlds site.  I’ve also provided a written version of my news in the post.

Another speaking engagement has finalized. I’ll be presenting on branding at an NCWA meeting in March of 2014. I’m behind on updating my speaking calendar but will do that soon.

This fall I’ll travel to Montana on a research trip to gather information and impressions for my Montana Gold historical romance series, which is currently under consideration by several publishers. I’m especially nervous about how that will turn out while trying to forget I have a proposal being vetted.

I’ll be moving into video blogging. The book news video I made is just a start. I’m still kicking around ideas for just how to use video blogging, but I definitely see it in my future. I love my new blogging structure for Creative Worlds, and judging by the enthusiastic response, my readers do, too. If you haven’t visited the Creative Worlds sites, yet, you really should.

Important update for GMail users: Gmail is now organizing newsletters like this one into a Promotions tab, thus making them a little challenging to find. If you would like to be sure you catch my newsletter and posts when I send them, watch this brief video by Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner:

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