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Author Journal: Living a Writer’s Dream

Author Journal

I stared at the email, half-expecting it to somehow morph into a rejection, but no. It was still a contract offer.  Letting out a yelp, I snatched my cell phone to call my husband.  Later that same day, after opening another email, I would call him back to share more joy. It was a writer’s dream, and it was all mine. In a single day I’d landed a two-book offer and an agent.  Barbara Scott of Wordserve Literary would negotiate the contract for DawnSinger and Wayfarer, books one and two of my epic fantasy series, Tales of Faeraven. Peace and a quiet joy washed over me. It was as if something out of alignment in my life had slid resoundingly into place.

So how did I reach this enviable position? It came through sacrifice, long hours and pain.  I had to develop a focus on writing as a career and work toward my goals no matter what anyone else thought. That’s not to say that my family didn’t support me. They did. But the sometimes-deafening silence that emerging authors hear from the publishing world sends a message, whether intended or not: You don’t matter. Against this silence, a writer can consider herself fortunate to receive a rejection. In the face of such discouragement, it’s hard to keep going, but that’s what you have to do. I can’t teach that piece of the puzzle. It has to come from within.

Would I do this all again? Yes, without a doubt. I’d tackle things differently, though. It wouldn’t take me so long to believe in myself and my writing, for one thing. I’d embrace my journey instead of pining to reach the destination. I’d study the writing craft sooner. And I’d never, ever let anyone tell me what I can’t do.
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Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

As an author I love to escape with readers into creative worlds of fiction in three genres: medieval epic fantasy, historical fiction, and romantic mystery. My aim is to make this website an immersive experience for readers. Care to join us?

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11 thoughts on “Author Journal: Living a Writer’s Dream”

  1. I’m so happy for you, Janalyn! You are going to be stellar in the publishing world and I am certain God will take you higher than you might begin to imagine. You are a truly gifted author.

    God bless!

  2. You deserve this, Janalyn. You’ve worked long and hard to get here. Enjoy the moment. It is so hard to enjoy the journey, isn’t it? Many congratulations and I can’t wait to read your books.

  3. Congratulations. I can very much relate to your comment, “It wouldn’t take me so long to believe in myself and my writing, for one thing.”

    Wishing you continued success!
    ~Alison Stone

    1. Thanks, Holly. I can’t wait for you to read my books too.

      Traci, you’re welcome. I’m glad to encourage you.

      Kirk, thanks for the vote of confidence and for helping me celebrate.

      Alison, thank you and me too for you. :o)

  4. “I had to develop a focus on writing as a career and work toward my goals no matter what anyone else thought.” So true!

    I decided to check out your “Creative Worlds” blog, and I’m so glad that I did. Not only do I have a second chance to win one of your prizes from the WSWC blog parade, I discovered this wonderful story of Barbara negotiating your latest book contracts. What an encouraging post! Blessings!

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