Writing Office in a Closet

I needed to put a sound booth together in order to read audio versions of my books and for a podcast. The under-stairs closet in our house seemed a perfect dead space, so I set up an old sewing machine table as a computer stand and fit an office chair near the door. On the long shelf above my work space, I stashed my research binders and books so I could take advantage of the quiet to study. But now I’d constantly be carrying my computer up and down the stairs to and from my main office.

author Janalyn Voigt in closet office @JanalynVoigt

I realized I could fit all the essentials in my writing office in a closet. My extensive library of books on writing or for review didn’t fit, but a bookcase outside the door serves the purpose.

A previous owner of our house remodeled the closet as a play space for children, so the door has air gaps and a stained-glass window. The antique doorknob and vintage wallpaper add personality. I had planned to pull the wallpaper off, but my husband, child at heart that he is, asked me to leave it intact.

My productivity has gone up since I moved into my closet office. I’ve found, also, that my family members interrupt me less.

Interest in my office spiked traffic to my website, which tells me there must be a child in all of us intrigued by the idea of hiding away. This picture of my closet office was featured in the Seattle Times.

author Janalyn Voigt's closet office @JanalynVoigt

I thought you would enjoy this look into my writing life. And who knows? I may inspire you to set up a private closet of your very own. If so, you have to email me a picture!

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