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Epic Fantasy

 Tales of Faeraven

Epic Adventure, Winged Horses, and Forbidden Love.

DawnSinger (Tales of Faeraven 1)
Tales of Faeraven, Book 1

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Wayfarer (Tales of Faeraven 2) by Janalyn Voigt
Tales of Faeraven, Book 2

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Islands of Intrigue

The San Juan Islands: Mysterious Harbors, Dangerous Shores, and Tides of Love…

The Unrelenting Tide by Lynnette Bonner
Islands of Intrigue, Book 1

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Tide Will Tell (Islands of Intrigue, Book 2) by Lesley Ann McDaniel
Islands of Intrigue, Book 2

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Western Historical Fiction

Montana Gold

Hills of Nevermore by Janalyn Voigt
Hills of Nevermore, book 1

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A Sweet Serenade

Want a little sugar this Christmas?  Sweet romance Christmas novella

All I Want for Christmas (A Christmas Serenade #1) by Janalyn Voigt
A Sweet Serenade, Book 1

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6 thoughts on “Book store”

  1. “I woke with the dawn and made my way to the garden to listen to the heartbeat of creation.”
    You captured me with that line. I am an early riser, and my favorite way to welcome the day in the summer time is with the Lord on my front porch. That line so resonated, with me that I was at once translated into the setting of your story.

    I purchased your book for my 15 year old grandchild, but had to purchase an ebook edition for myself to keep. You have connected with that part of me that draws me to the Camelot era. You have gained a fan, Janalyn!

    1. Sharon, thanks for letting me know of your interest in the Tales of Faeraven trilogy. I’m glad you enjoyed DawnSinger. Watch for WayFarer’s upcoming release and a special announcement just for fans of Faeraven.

  2. I love your story, you could said I’m one of your fans. Two of my favorites is Dawnsinger and Wayfarer those two books of your caught my interest the most. I love fairy tales story, story that has mythology creatures in it. Since I was young I love magical being and romance and magical creatures, over time reading books with mythology creatures in it the story inspire me to write a book of my own. However writing a book is hard then I thought, I have a story in my mind but what problems me the most is the names. I havering problems nameing mycharacters, and names for places and kingdoms. I know the name of my book had to sound enchanted and the names for a person had to sound fantasy also the name of the places had to sound like around the area of king and queen time. That all was my problems. Do you have the same problems like I do if so what do you do? My I asked you long dose it take you to write a book? How dose it take to it done? Do you plan to made Dawnsinger and Wayfarer in a movies.

    1. Hi, Sang. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed reading the first two books in my Tales of Faeraven trilogy. You may want to take a look at the book extras site I created for my fantasy fans. It’s here: I’ll be adding to it more as time goes on. Also, you may be interested in subscribing to my newsletter to receive discounts, sneak peeks, and special notices about my upcoming books. There’s a sign-up form near the bottom of the main site menu.

      Names usually come to me fairly easily, however while writing the third book of this trilogy I had a harder time coming up with names that weren’t too similar to ones I’d already used. Since each book contains a unique-but-connected story, there was a large cast of characters overall. There’s no set rule for how long it takes each person to write a book, and each book requires a different amount of time to write. Most writers would agree that it takes entirely too long, though. 😀 If you are interested, I have a website for writers at

  3. As one who has a restless mind I often find myself reading as many as 7 books at a time, but after meeting you at Rosewood and buying DawnSinger, I’ve set aside the others books that I was reading. DawnSinger has captured my imagination and my heart in such a way that no other book has since the Harry Potter series when I was young. I love the sensation of coming back to a room to read and actually thinking “why is the T.V. off, i was just watching something”. The imagery and storyline come together flawlessly. I am looking forward to starting WayFarer, and eagerly awaiting to release of the final book. Thank you.

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