Author Journal: Too Much Information?

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Authors live in something of a fishbowl. Gone are the days when a literary type could play the hermit. We willingly post our pictures across the Internet. We blog, update and tweet about our daily challenges, our families and the intricacies of our minds. Transparency, that’s what the public wants.  And yet…

How much is too much information? Can privacy survive the information age? Where is mystery?

I sometimes struggle with these questions. I’ve come to believe the answers can only be subjective. We’re all on a chart-your-own-adventure course. Each of us must answer for ourselves as we work toward alternate endings. I find that comforting.

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Written by Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt

As an author I love to escape with readers into creative worlds of fiction in three genres: medieval epic fantasy, historical fiction, and romantic mystery. My aim is to make this website an immersive experience for readers. Care to join us?

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3 thoughts on “Author Journal: Too Much Information?”

  1. It is quite the dilemna, isn’t it? We have to ‘get out there’ for all to see in order to promote opur books and writing, but … there is always the worry of identity theft, cyber stalking … all the things that we wish weren’t part of modern reality.

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