All I Want for Christmas

 A tale of mistaken identities, longing-for-more friendships, daily latte and office politics set in Seattle create a sweet story. Lisa J. Lickel

Hailey may just give up on men entirely.

When Corey broke her heart, her best friend Matt helped pick up the pieces. With Corey looking her way again, Matt has started acting funny, however. If Matt wasn't a cubicle worker moonlighting as a Seattle street musician, this would be easy.

Never mind that she finds Matt charming and attractive...

Hailey can't afford a drag on her ambitions. She needs to climb the career ladder in order to keep her childhood home, all she has left of her parents. No, Corey is the right man to help her get ahead, not Matt, but...

Why doesn't that idea sit right with her?

Matt isn't about to tell Hailey...

...that the 'fiddle' he carries is a Stradivarius or that he owns a tuxedo, not after his fiancé ditched him for a man with more money.

Let her love him for himself or not at all.

Put a little sugar in your Christmas. Claim your copy today!

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